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Are you Pre-Approved?

Are you ready to make home ownership a reality but are unsure how much you can afford or spend on a new home? We can help you! It is easy to get pre-approved with Morgan Financial. Fill out a application online, or call your Morgan Financial Mortgage Professional to begin the first steps of becoming pre-approved.

Your Mortgage Professional will provide you with a list of items needed prior to meeting at your set appointment time. You can expect to review your credit profile, complete any additional items on the loan application, assess your goals for home financing and review home loan programs to fit within your financial goals.

Once the application process is completed your Mortgage Professional will provide you with a pre-approval letter indicating the amount the investor is willing to lend you for your home purchase.

Next comes the fun part! Shopping for your new home! With your pre-approval in hand you are now a step ahead of the competition as you can show you have begun the financing process. This makes realtors very happy!

Once you have found your new home you are now in postion to make an offer and your realtor can guide you through the offer and contract process. Once a completed contract is signed the Morgan Financial team will work closely with you, your realtor, the appraiser, title agency, the investor and finally the closing department.