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The History Of Morgan Financial

MF BeginningsMorgan Financial is a family owned S-Corporation established in the state of Florida by David and Yena Morgan on August 8th 2002. The company’s legal recorded name is DYBN Financial Corp. dba Morgan Financial. DYBN is an acronym that represents the first letter of David, Yena and their children Benjamin and Nicholas. This idea was fostered from the realization that a successful business would require many sacrifices from the entire family. Therefore, David and Yena naturally found it appropriate to recognize the entire family in their legal business name. Needless to say, DYBN is not easily understood or expressed so the company resolved to registering Morgan Financial as a working name and currently operates as DYBN Financial Corp. “doing business as” (dba) Morgan Financial. 

The company’s origins actually go further back to 1996 when David Morgan took a part-time job as a loan officer with Crossland Mortgage Co. while serving in the United States Air Force. David had recently completed his undergraduate degree in Financial Management and had plans to exit the Air Force once his commitment was met. However, David was selected by the Air Force to attend Officer Training School where he eventually became a commissioned Air Force officer. While serving as an officer, David and his wife Yena opened a small company named Morgan Resources in Massachusetts. This company never took hold given David was quickly selected by the Air Force to attend pilot training. While pilot training was David’s boyhood dream, he quickly learned the demands associated with continuing a career in aviation would exceed his willingness to leave his family for extended stretches of time. In short, David was not willing to be away from his growing family an average of 180 days per year. As a result, David decided to opt-out of pilot training and was re-assigned to Patrick Air Force base in Satellite Beach, Florida. Shortly after his re-assignment, David and his wife enrolled at Webster University to obtain their Master Degrees in Business Administration / Management with the goal in mind of someday opening their own business. Their plan quickly took hold when David took a part-time job with a local mortgage company to help their military friends and classmates obtain loans. Within a year the couples business was taking off and David’s career in the military was transitioning to the reserves. This afforded David and Yena the time to focus on the development of what is now Morgan Financial.

Currently Morgan Financial is a thriving leader in the mortgage industry. Why? The company takes great pride in providing superior mortgage services that focus strictly on the client’s needs. While some mortgage companies consider the profit of a transaction, Morgan Financial focuses primarily on impressing the client with precision processing and genuine straightforward advice. Tricks, gimmicks, and attractive math are NEVER used to advise a client! While marketing may be the means to grow a business, Morgan Financial has a deep understanding of building long-term relationships, and how important this is to continual success.